Many books contain people's life work. Most of the books I have read are written by experts in their field. I have a lot to gain by standing on their shoulders.

Books Worth Sharing

ContagiousFall 2017
Ideas and products spread because people talk about them. To get people to talk, do some of the following: (1) give them something to brag about, (2) link your product to triggers in their environment, (3) get them to feel (emotion) about it, (4) get people to use your product in front of others, (5) make your product helpful, (6) make your product integral to stories people tell about it.
The New One Minute ManagerFall 2017
Good managers are results- and people-oriented. They know they need good people in order to deliver good results. They develop people to work better by helping them reach their goals.
Basic EconomicsFall 2017
Economics - the study of scarce resources with alternative uses. Incentives influence the actions of people and companies.
Influence: The Psychology of PersuasionSummer 2017
We take shortcuts in our decision making to save us time. Sometimes these shortcuts malfunction or are manipulated.
Feeling GoodSpring 2017
Feelings are caused by thoughts.
Steve JobsSpring 2017
Stick to a few things, and do them very, very well.
The Power of HabitWinter 2016
Most of our actions aren't thought out. We do things out of habit. Here's how they work and how to change them.
Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates UsWinter 2016
People are intrinsically motivated. Rewarding people with money and prizes diminishes intrinsic motivation.
OpenIntro StatisticsWinter 2016
OpenIntro Statistics covers the basics of sampling, distributions, probability, confidence intervals, hypothesis tests / inference, and regression.
New Sales. Simplified.Winter 2016
Sales is about understanding customers needs and helping fulfill their needs. Sales is not about convincing people to buy your product. The central philosophy of this book is that people want to know "what's in it for them." When we sell our work, we must not talk about how great our work/product is, we must talk about the customer's needs/wants, and how our work improves their lives. To be able to talk about how our work helps the customer, we must first understand the customer and their needs.
The "sales story" is a tool used to concisely remind you of the biggest problems your product solves and why your product is different than what's on the market.
Crucial ConversationsSummer 2015
Maintain respect--even in your own thoughts. You must treat people as if they are decent, respectable human beings if you want to have productive conversations with them.
Know what you want out of the conversation, catch the conversation when it veers, and set it back on track.
Recommended to me by Dr. Emerson Murphy-Hill.